Mexican, Yellow and Red Bird of Paradise bushes – these plants in Tucson are poisonous – Toxicity information

People have asked me – Is the Red Bird of Paradise toxic?

Poisonous Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is poisonous

red bird of paradise

caesalpinia pulcherrima – red bird of paradise

Yes all the bird of paradise flowering bushes are poisonous.  The orange and yellow flowers of the Caesalpinia pulcherrima, make a stunning bush.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima poisonous bush

poisonous Red Bird of Paradise

The Mexican Bird of Paradise tree has yellow flowers that look velvety and delicious!

The Yellow Bird of paradise plant has clusters of yellow flowers with a long red stamen.

But DO NOT eat any part of the 3 Bird of Paradise plants.

All of these gorgeous desert bushes belong to the genus Caesalpinia.

bush with yellow flowers bean pods

poisonous Yellow Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, FABACEAE.  The fruit of these Bird of Paradise desert bushes is a long, flat seed pod.

The bean pods are toxic!  Watch small children and pets around your Bird of Paradise shrubs.

The level of toxicity for the bird of paradise plants is low however, the leaves contain hydrocyanic acid.  The toxins in the bean pods are tannins. The role of tannins in many species of plants is to protect the plant from predators.

Ingesting any part of these bird of paradise plants can cause gastrointestinal irritation. Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting are symptoms of bird of paradise poisoning.

yellow flowering small tree

Poisonous Mexican Bird of Paradise

While the Red, Yellow and Mexican Bird of Paradise plant’s toxins are not life-threatening; however, diarrhea and vomiting can produce dehydration. Those symptoms should be taken seriously and you should seek medical treatment.


3 thoughts on “Mexican, Yellow and Red Bird of Paradise bushes – these plants in Tucson are poisonous – Toxicity information

    • The Bird of Paradise plants give off an odor and critters know not to eat it. We have had Tortoise around our plants and never had a problem.
      Best Regards,

  1. Wez fawght ” bird of paradise ” was a bird !! Bol .Well’s I am’s blonde and only a pup :) See you learn somefink new every day.. Don’t fink we will be trying to eat the flowers..I’ve never seen them in the UK..You is soo lucky to see all these beautiful fings…
    Hugggies Mollie x

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