Identify a spider with white spots, striped legs, yellow, white design abdomen stomach – Orb-weaver

This spider’s wheel shaped round web made identifying this striped legged spider easier.  Orb-weaver spiders are the most common garden spiders and love to hangout in the middle of their round webs.

spiders with striped long legs

spiders with white markings abdomen, Orb Weaver spiders

This colorful spider made a web marvel between two large Yucca plants.  It was a medium sized spider, a bit scary looking up close; but I was so intrigued with his large silky web!

orb weaver spider

striped legs spider with large abdomen markings is an orbweaver

Orbweaver spider

spider striped legs abdomen yellow design

The insect that wonders into the Orb-weaver’s sticky web will receive a quick stunning bite.  This spider has over 10,000 species and belongs to the family Araneidae. 

spiders with white marks on belly stomach

Common spiders with striped legs and white spots markings

spider 4-6 spots on abdomen

spider with white spots on abdomen

Within a few minutes an insect landed on the web and provided a meal for this Orbweaver spider.  All Orbweavers spin webs.  According to  Female Orb-weavers spin the webs and are seen more often than the male spiders.

a baby orb weaver garden spider

white spider with black markings, a young orb weaver spider

It is late summer and I’m seeing spiders everywhere!  Fall is typically the time the female Orb weaver spider will lay her last clutch of eggs.   The spider eggs survive the winter and will hatch in the spring.


gray spider white markings orbweaver

Another Orb-weaver spider was waiting on her round web for insects.  This spider was gray colored with striped legs and a white design on the abdomen.   The white design on the spider’s abdomen is clearer in the photo below.

abdomen with white design

brown gray spider with white markings

Orb-weaver spiders only bite if they feel threatened.  Their venom is not harmful to humans.   A bite of the Orbweaver spider feels like a bee sting.  They are active at night rebuilding and repairing their round shaped webs.

Are Orb-weaver spiders poisonous?    Spiders have venom.  Orb-weaver venom is potent but this spider venom is NOT dangerous to humans.

eight eyes

eyes of an orbweaver spider

Orb-weavers and all members of the family Araneidae have eight similar eyes in 2 rows of four.  The spider’s eyes are pretty clear in the photo above.

large abdomen with markings

round spider web with yellow on a large abdomen – orbweaver spider

Orb-weaver spider

spider with white spots on abdomen

In the picture above, looks like two white spots on this spider’s large abdomen.  

Orb-weaver spiders can help control your mosquito population and are considered beneficial to have around!

orbweaver spider

spider yellow markings striped legs large belly

For identifying the spiders I posted today:

  • gray, brown colors
  • striped legs
  • spider with yellow markings on the abdomen
  • 2-5 white spots underneath the belly
  • spider with white markings on a gray abdomen

10 thoughts on “Identify a spider with white spots, striped legs, yellow, white design abdomen stomach – Orb-weaver

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m in NE Ohio and have what I now believe to be two decent sized Orb spiders on my back porch. Had it not been for your article I wouldn’t have been sure because their webs are not what I typically associate with orb spiders.

  2. i feel bad I killed one the other day- scared to get bit or have one bite my dog- now knowing they are not dangerous to humans i shall not squash the next one. :( now i feel bad since i don’t really like killing anything unless its threatening…

  3. Nice photos Tj. Interesting to note that you also have lots of spiders at this time of year… my favourite one is a yellow striped one called the Wasp Spider. It’s very pretty in the sunshine! It weaves its web close to the ground between plants, and we see quite a few in autumn.

    • Cathy there are so many spiders out now! It is getting close to fall so the females will be laying their last egg sacs. Hope you can get a picture of a Wasp Spider, would love to see it :)

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