LANTANA made #2 for the top 10 heat resistant plants in Arizona

Lantana plants and shrubs are one of our favorites for our desert garden and front yard.  I recommend this flowering plant to people who want color in their landscaping. Not only is our Arizona Lantana perennial but it is also a low maintenance plant and easy to grow.

In some cooler locations Lantana plants are annual; but places that do NOT get freezing weather will have new colorful blooms every spring.

Lantana plant in pots

Texas Gold Lantana plant

You will find Lantana is inexpensive to buy, easy to find and takes the desert heat!

The entire shrub can be covered with multi colored Lantana flowers even in the worst triple digit temperatures.

lantana for desert landscaping

white trailing lantana in xeriscape yard

How many Lantana varieties are there?    There are about 150 species / varieties of Lantana.  This perennial flowering plant is in the Verbena Family, Verbenaceae.

With so many colors to choose from your Lantanas can add vibrant flowers all season long.

Lantana shrubs

White, Purple, Red Lantana mound

Some species of Lantana change color as they mature.

large lantana mound

Lantana plants grow into shrubs and mounds

The flower clusters on lantana plants are called umbels.

verbena mixed with lantana

Confetti Lantana and Purple Verbena plants

Some popular Lantana variety names are:  Irene, Red Bandana, Radiation, Confetti, Ham ‘n Eggs, Texas New Gold, Dallas Red, Trailing Purple, Christine, and many more….

varieties of lantana

Camara Lantana Plant in containers

Lantana seems to have no problems surviving on little moisture and soaking up unyielding sun.  When watering your lantana try NOT to get the leaves wet but water at the base of the plant.  This will prevent the plant from being sun burned.

If I see the leaves wilting I water immediately, soaking the Lantana well to promote deeper, stronger roots.

Red lantana mound

Lantana plants attract butterflies

Can you grow Lantana in pots and containers? Absolutely and lantana loves it!

We have potted lantana all over the yard.  It does take a little more effort to care for lantana in containers but it is worth it.

the best lantana heat resistant

Texas Gold Lantana grows well in containers

My potted Lantana seems to need more watering than my ground Lantana.

I do not let them dry out completely.  Some people do and it works fine for them but I choose not to.

grow Lantana plants

Trailing Lantana growing in pots and containers

Our Purple Trailing Lantana spills over nicely in the above large pot.

camara shrub lantana flowering confetti

Lantana Camara Plant, Confetti

When do I prune my Lantana?  Give your Lantana a good pruning in the spring to remove the old growth and prevent the extra woodiness.

Water and lightly fertilize newly trimmed Lantana plants and they will return to bloom quickly.  Lantana does not need much fertilizer.

trimming lantana bushes

a good pruning helps Lantana plants

When transplanting your Lantana, gently loosen the roots and shake off the excess dirt.  Old soil does not help your Lantana plants.

Place it in the hole you made and backfill with healthy topsoil.

soil for lantana plants

Easy to grow Lantana

Most animals avoid Lantana flowers and leaves.

is lantana toxic poisonous

poisonous leaves and woody stems of Lantana

Although Lantana is considered poisonous the RIPE Lantana berries are a delicacy for many birds.

yellow gold lantana growing

Lantana is a Deer Resistant, Critter Proof plant

bush with yellow and red flowers

Texas New Gold Lantana Flower

Growing Lantana in pots is so easy.   Choose your size pot or container.  Then have a fun time deciding on your Lantana colors.  Stick to one or mix them up.

Remember to gently shake off the old dirt from the Lantana roots before you place it in its new home.    Potted plants need more watering especially in the hot sun.

Always water at the base of the plants and not the leaves.  An exception would be if the Lantana plant was not in direct sun.

cheap desert plants that last

Perennial Yellow Gold Lantana in our Arizona garden

The temperatures here in the Sonoran Desert frequently reach over 100 degrees so I add mulch to every plant in our yard.  Mulch really helps here in Arizona.

Native Arizona flowering plants

Yellow Lantana in our drought tolerant garden

Lantana is a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies.  These perfect desert plants give you flowering color all season long.  That is a lot of butterflies!

plants to attract butterflies

Butterflies like Lantana flowers

Lantana will suffer from frost damage so cover them up during cold winter nights.  Prune the damage from the Lantana in the spring and they may come back.

Lantana potted plants

Marvelous Praying Mantis with New Gold Lantana

Arizona bush with orange red flowers

Potted Purple Trailing Lantana next to our Red Bird of Paradise shrub

Lantana likes full sun, and isn’t picky about the type of soil it will grow in.

Arizona Lantana drought tolerant

Purple Flowers on our potted Lantana

This is precisely why Lantana is a large part of my desert garden.

large Lantana Shrubs

different Lantana species plants

Not only are Lantanas resistant to extreme temperatures but also drought tolerant.

Some of our Lantana shrubs are growing in unfenced areas and the desert animals leave the plants and Lantana flowers alone.

red orange lantana

landscaping with Lantana plants

Lantana is deciduous meaning it drops all leaves in the winter.

drought and heat tolerant plant

Lantana plants do well in pots

If Lantana plants outgrow their assigned space, they tolerate trimming back well during the growing season.

Lantana flowers in a desert yard

Yellow flowering Lantana containers

Lantana plants and dogs – Our dogs have no interest in our many Lantana plants, flowers or leaves at all.

Irene species of Lantana plants

Red Orange Yellow Lantana

lantana bush shrub

Radiation, Yellow and Red Bandana Lantana Varieties

Red flowering bush lantana

Radiation species of Lantana

The woody stems on the Lantana plants are especially tough and durable and have been used for weaving.

What is the best way to propagate Lantana?   Dividing the roots in the winter when the Lantana plant is dormant is the easiest way to propagate.

Soaps, insecticides and common pest treatments can kill Lantana plants.  On the rare occasions that our Lantanas have pest problems, I give them a trim and all is well.


Is the white or purple Texas Sage edible? Eating a Texas Ranger Plant? – Leucophyllum frutescens

Can you eat purple sage, Texas Sage?  This perennial evergreen shrub with grayish leaves and purple flowers is actually not sage at all.  This purple bush goes by the name Silverleaf, Texas Ranger Plant, Thunder Cloud or most commonly Purple Texas Sage.

purple flowering shrub

Leucophyllum frutescens, Texas sage

Leucophyllum frutescens is the scientific name for this Texas Sage bush and it is a member of the figwort family.

white cloud sage bush

white flower, White Cloud, Texas Sage

The Texas Sage shrub with white flowers is called White Cloud.  According to the National Gardening Association, Texas Sage is one plant that is most often ignored by deer unless they are starving.

bushes shrubs with white flowers

Purple and White Texas Sage bush varieties

Phoenix shrubs with purple flowers

Purple Flowers Texas Sage bushes in AZ TX CA

Rabbits and other small animals in the desert will not eat Texas Sage either.  It is safe to say that this white or purple flowering bush is critter proof!

texas purple flowering plant

purple flowering bush in AZ, TX

After several hours of research I was not able to find any evidence of the Texas Sage bush being edible.  Looks like it is best to leave this luscious purple shrub to the bees and the butterflies.  

purple flower bus

Texas Sage bush, Leucophyllum frutescens

Eating Texas Sage is not recommended.  Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous addition to your sun-filled garden!  Texas Sage is a popular ornamental plant that does best in dry, warm locations.

Tucson bushes with purple flowers

Purple flowering bushes sage in the desert

This flowering desert bush can grow up to eight feet high.  In Arizona, Purple Sage is often used as a border or hedge for a yard.

Texas Ranger shrubs plants

Purple flowering Sage Bushes

If you are interested in more information regarding care and pruning your Texas Sage please browse the categories for more articles.

Bushes with Purple Flowers bring new life to the AZ desert – Purple Sage blooms again

Purple flowers fill the Texas Ranger Sage bushes shrubs that adorn the streets of Tucson and Phoenix.  The recent rain has painted the desert purple!

Texas Sage purple flower blooms

Tucson – Phoenix purple sage heat tolerant bushes shrubs

It is hard to imagine that a flowering plant can thrive in these hot, humid August temperatures; but, these vibrant purple sage bushes love the heat!

texas ranger plant sage Tucson

Purple flowers – Texas Sage Shrub in Arizona

Today, the butterflies and bees were enjoying their purple sage blooms.  When our Texas Ranger Plants, Leucophyllum frutescens, are flowering the butterflies dance between the purple branches.

purple flowering shrub sage plant

butterflies attracted to purple sage bushes in Arizona, Texas

The hotter it gets the more this drought tolerant flowering shrub loves it!

bushes with purple flowers in desert Texas

flowering purple sage in Tucson and Phoenix

Texas Sage is one of our favorite xeriscape plants because the purple flowers bloom throughout the Arizona summer.

Purple heat resistant bush desert Arizona

Phoenix and Tucson – Purple Texas Sage flowering shrubs

Growing and caring for a Texas Sage Bush is easy if you plant them in full sun.  This purple shrub will rot if given too much water therefore it needs well drained soil.

sage with purple flowers blooming in Tucson Phoenix

purple sage plants attracts butterflies

This desert bush is native to Mexico and Texas and needs very little maintenance. Texas Sage is incredibly heat resistant and will not be harmed by moderate frost in the winter.

white cloud flowering sage

white flowering shrub bush is White Cloud Texas Sage

The Sage bush variety with white flowers is called White Cloud Texas Sage.  It is exactly like this desert shrub but with white blooms.

Texas Sage with white flowers

White Sage Bush and Red Bird of Paradise Shrubs

purple Texas Ranger drought Tolerant Plant

Purple Texas Sage Flowers in the Arizona Desert

The best time to prune your purple Texas Sage is in the Spring.  Over pruning your sage bush will reduce the amount of purple blooms and cause the plant to use more water.