Sunflowers in Bloom!

Sunflowers need full sun and moist, well-drained soil. The breeding of sunflowers has resulted in many varieties. I believe this variety of sunflower is called Sonja.


sunflowers growing in Arizona

These Sunflowers aren’t very big, but they are still growing so we will see!

Are you looking for information about growing and planting sunflowers?  Check the pictures of different varieties of sunflowers in the Flower Category – Sunflowers.


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  1. It is recommended that Sunflowers should be about 12 inches apart when planted. In my case, this lovely mini Sunflower garden sprouted from a handful of bird seed thrown into a planter. Today I thinned out the flowers so they won’t have to battle so hard for the nutrients in the soil. The health of the soil determines how well they will grow and nitrogen is the key. Miracle Grow has good micronutrients and I will add some this week. I’m hoping this Sunflower garden does well even though they are close together. New photos coming soon!


  2. These Sunflowers look different than what I’m used to. The breeding of sunflowers has resulted in many varieties. Smaller, shorter versions are becoming popular. The BIG SMILE sunflower is extra small and has multiple blooms. It boasts very large flowers with very large centers. They are a bright gold-yellow color and only grow to two feet tall. Soon I will know if the photo is BIG SMILE or possibly The RING OF FIRE sunflower which is smaller, growing just up to three feet in height. The flowers are a medium yellow with a dark yellow center that is circled with a read ring.

    Tidbit: In Peru, native Incas worshiped the plant, believing it to be a symbol of the sun god.


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