Desert Plants

Saliva darcyi, a hardy desert Garden Flower in a container and a critter proof plant!

RedSaliva darcyi, in the garden, survived well through the Tucson winter months (in the mid 30’s) and did superb in this container as long as it was watered everyday! It is a thirsty plant during these temperatures of 100 degrees or more.  I recommend larger pots than the ones I used.

Salvia Darcii

Red Salvia in containers

pruning your Salvia

remove the spent flowers from Salvia

This is by far the MOST hardy, successful flower in my Arizona Garden! This perennial Salvia will generally grow from between eighteen inches and thirty-six inches, yet there are some that are much smaller. Mine is averaging about 20 -22 inches. The red salvia in the picture is a young plant that actually started from a fallen seed. I pruned the finished red flowers. From having Salvia (red and blue) for over 2 years now I have learned it is best to trim them quite far down the stem to gain a thicker shrub.  Best of all this flowering plant is critter proof.  Last year the desert rats, squirrels, and rabbits ate most of my flowers except the Salvia. Since then, I am determined to have a rat-proof, squirrel-proof, rabbit-proof thriving Garden!

To keep your Salvia looking vibrant and encourage better flowering, deadhead the plant. You can do this by pinching off the flower spikes with spent blooms, I like to use small pruning shears.
red salvia on the patio

growing Salvia in a pot

Red salvia flowers can form a striking border when massed together. It is a good choice for a bedding plant. Some people call this perfect Arizona plant, Scarlet Sage.

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