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Tombstone, Arizona has the World’s Largest Rose Bush

TOMBSTONE, AZ is not just for gunfights it has roses too! What a thrill to see & touch the WORLD’S LARGEST ROSE BUSH. It is a white Lady Banksia rose bush. Search the Guinness Book of World Records and you will see it.

world's largest rosebush

Guinness Book contains largest Rosebush located in Tombstone

The story starts with a young bride,  Mary Gee from Scotland who came to Tombstone in 1885 with her husband Henry. Because she was so homesick, her family sent cuttings of the White Lady Banksia Rose from their Scotland rose garden.

rosebush over 100 years old

world’s biggest rose bush is in Arizona

It kept growing and 127 years later, the cuttings that grew into a rose bush have grown into a 10-foot-tall rose tree that covers over 8,000 square feet and fills one square block.

Arizona's famous Rosebush

Tombstone, AZ Rose Bush blooms in April

world's largest rose bush tree

roots of the biggest rose bush in arizona

The Rosebush has a massive, gnarled trunk and looks more like that of an oak tree. Beams support the high branches on this trellised roof of small white roses that grow in clusters. The Tombstone townsfolk stated the rose garden blooms in April and the fragrance smells amazing!

Tombstone rose garden

Tombstone, Az world’s biggest rose bush

Catch the Biggest Rose Garden in bloom during the month of April, that is also a good time to stay in Tombstone, Az before it gets too hot.

tombstone rosebush

Tombstone, AZ – Greatest Rose Bush

Be sure to take the trolley tour when you visit Tombstone, AZ – we learned so many facts that we didn’t know and that is how we came across this Majestic Rose Bush.

largest rose garden tombstone

rose bush too tough to die – Tombstone, AZ

Rose Tree Museum in Tombstone, AZ – tells the history of the “rose bush too tough to die.” World’s Largest Rose Bush – many couples have exchanged their vows under it.

biggest rosebush

Arizona’s largest Rose Bush


My personal feeling was “awwww stricken”. Without sounding too emotional, I was honored to be standing next to it.

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    • Sandee that is a great question and I do Not believe so. When we have visited I saw nothing available but things change all the time and it may be worth calling them.
      Good Luck,


    • Yes, you can buy cuttings from it. They may have been out at the time of his visit, as they only do so many a year. I was lucky enough to purchase two on my visit. The other thing that you should know is, the Rose Tree Museum is owned and operated by Mr. & Ms. Devre. Mr. Devre was born and raised in Tombstone and he and his family go all the way back to the beginning of the town. He is one of only two people still living that has first hand knowledge of the gun fight and the real truth about it, as well as the town’s rich and unbelievable history. His family knew the Earps, Clantons and the Mclaury’s. Mr. Devre’s is a Geologist by trade and is on the Tombstone historical society. If you visit Tombstone and the Rose Tree Museum I hope you well meet Mr. Devre and his wife. You will truly have a brush with history in a way that few ever have, not to mention the chance to meet two of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.


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