My Jack Russell Terrier caught a Black Racer snake in the garden

Trigger our Jack Russell

Trigger, my wonderful speedy Jack Russell dog, nabbed a young black racer that was in a shade area of the garden.  Jack Russell dogs can live for 15 years easy, that is if they don’t chase snakes!

One thing about living here in Arizona is snakes! Rattlesnakes, at least 13 species live here in Arizona, more than any other state. (according to AZ Game & Fish Dept) – I have had 2 Western Diamond-Back Rattlesnakes in my front yard. One, my Jack Russell, “Trigger” cornered (not good) and the other I trapped till Animal Control arrived.

Last summer Trigger had the Diamondback coiled in the corner of the yard,  I heard this excruciating LOUD noise that sounded like a sprinkler broke! Hard to explain but the rattling was so intense! Across the yard I saw little Trigger and the snake – I ran over and grabbed my Jack Russell Terrier by the collar and lifted him up just in time!

Jack Russell caught a snake
Our Jack Russell caught a fast black racer snake

In the photo is the young BLACK RACER from today, they are very fast snakes and are NOT poisonous. Racer Snakes like to eat mice and rats so they are GOOD to have around the yard and garden. There is no way Trigger would let a small creature or any other animal (javalinas, coyotes and an occasional Cooper’s Hawk included) stay in our yard.  After all, Jack Russell Terriers  were bred with high stamina for the hunt, and fearless courage and formation to chase out foxes underground.  Our Trigger is sturdy, muscular, tough, and tenacious.

Jack Russell playing
our Jack Russell Terrier playing

He is a smart dog that is alert and ready for action.  This little Jack Russell has cornered rats and never lets up until he conquers. He is a member of our family and I pray a rattlesnake never crosses his path, I could not bare to lose my furry boy that I love.

Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Trigger our Jack Russell
Our Jack Russell getting his checkup

Author: tjsgarden

We are a family that loves the Arizona Desert. A lot of research and team efforts go into our articles and photos. Come discover the beauty and mystery with us. Don't forget your sunscreen!

2 thoughts on “My Jack Russell Terrier caught a Black Racer snake in the garden”

  1. I think if I lived in Arizona I’d
    get me a mongoose that would
    give me piece of mind, they make
    great pets very few snake will
    want to take a Mongoose on.
    Is it possible to own one in the
    USA ?


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