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Drove passed a Truly Nolen Classic Car – Vintage, Antique Cars Tucson

As we were traveling through Southern Arizona classic cars with the words Truly Nolen were showing up along the roads. Antique cars! I am not educated on Truly Nolen vintage cars; therefore I will be learning as I write.

Tucson classic cars along the road

Truly Nolen classic cars Tucson, AZ

Truly Nolen vintage cars

vintage automobiles Truly Nolen

These are pictures of the old antique cars we passed today. These mint condition Truly Nolen automobiles were so interesting we pulled over to take a look.  Now I can share a bit of the story behind these antiques on wheels.

Truly Nolen Vintage Car

Antique cars along the road, Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen America was founded in 1938 and is still owned and managed by the Nolen family.

The company has 83 locations in the United States and 100 franchises in 41 countries. You may have seen the Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control trademark vehicle – the  “Mouse Cars” , ears included! The company also has vintage automobiles that show up in parking lots and car shows.

 These personalized classic cars are used to advertise Truly Nolen Pest Control. Not only is this smart advertising, but they are for sale!  The company maintains a specialist shop that restores the fleet of vintage cars. Even the retired “Mouse Cars” can be purchased, the ears will be removed of course and the mouse repainted. If you are interested checkout the buy cars section on the Truly Nolen website.

Antique car with Truly Nolen

Classic Truly Nolen Cars in Tucson

The Truly Nolen Company does an even bigger business on the side by selling and buying these antique cars.

antique Truly Nolen Truck parked

Tucson Truly Nolen classic truck

Truly Nolen has their own garage and keeps the cars in top parade shape! They sell about 20 old vintage cars a year.

Truly Nolen older cars

vintage car with Truly Nolen in Tucson

If we weren’t making quick U turns and in such a hurry I would have taken more pictures.   Antique cars are full of history, it is hard for me to pick a favorite but this shiny baby blue 1948 Chevy classic is my choice!

antique classic Truly Nolen car

1948 Chevrolet classic Truly Nolen vehicle

classic Truly Nolen cars

Truly Nolen classic cars on corners in Tucson

classic Truly Nolen automobiles

Truly Nolen on parked antique cars

vintage Truly Nolen car

Cars with Truly Nolen in Tucson


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