2012 Pictures of an Angel Cloud – clouds with angels in United States

Angels in the clouds watching over us. Standing in our yard, I looked up to see a cloud that looked like an angel! Last evening, July 7th at 7pm ( 777 ), 2012 – I was walking the perimeter of our yard here on the southern outskirts of Tucson, AZ as I do every night.  I turned my head and did a double take. What is that on the cloud?……  That is an angel... turning quickly I ran to get my camera to take pictures before the angel was gone.

2012 Angel photo

angel in the clouds…  angel photos

The term angel means varying notions of spirits to many different religious traditions. Angels can be protectors, guides of human beings, or angels can be assigned to carry out God’s tasks.  According to numerous polls over 70 percent of adults believe in angels.  Attached are pictures of angel clouds I viewed from our back yard.

We are all different and maybe you don’t see an angel at all. That is ok.

I am very spiritual (NOT religious) and my beliefs include angels.  These angel pictures represent love and protection. It is a time to celebrate renewal for ourselves and those we care about. Love for our planet and for nature. Gratitude began to manifest in my body as I continued to take pictures of the angel before it disappeared.

2012 angel watching us

angel on a cloud

angel cloud

2012 Angel Pictures

In these cloud pics I see images of an angel. We live in a loving universe that gives us signs everywhere for those who want to believe it.   If we are capable of handling it, angels and Archangels can give images to our consciousness and messages to our mind.  Angel photos, images can bring a nurturing feeling and provide comfort especially during a difficult time.

cloud with angel

Angel photo taken 7-7 at 7 pm, 2012

This angel cloud was located over the Tucson, Arizona area.  I feel blessed and grateful to be given this opportunity to share these pictures of angels with you. Peace & Love


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