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How to grow Cactus from cuttings – propagating cacti – roots and planting

Propagating cacti is very easy.  First gather the cactus cuttings from the parent plants.    Make sure your knife is clean and sharp before cutting your cactus.  For paddle cacti a single pad makes a good cutting.

propagating cacti

items needed to make cactus cuttings to propagate

For branching cacti, be sure the cutting is taken from a joint on the mother plant. Cutting on a diagonal angle is beneficial to the mother cactus so water doesn’t pool on the healed cut.  Never handle a cactus with your hands.

cuttings from mother cacti plants

air drying cactus cuttings

To grow a successful cactus you MUST let the fresh cutting callus over and heal.  Place them in a dry, warm place for up to 2 weeks.  The larger the cut surface is, the longer it needs to dry.  This may sound extreme but remember cactus are drought tolerant.  If you choose to use a rooting hormone make sure it is powder!  Do not let your cactus cuttings get moist or wet.

cacti cuttings

waiting for cacti cuttings to form a callus

It is easiest for your cactus cuttings to root during warm weather.  According to the University of Arizona, the best time to propagate your cacti is during August & September when the soil temperatures are warm and conducive to rooting.  Some shade is best for rooting and will prevent your cactus cuttings from sunburn.

growing cactus from cuttings

let the cut cactus heal and callus over before planting

Pick a good container with drainage holes for your callused cactus cutting.

growing cactus cuttings

organ pipe cacti cuttings have healed and started roots

When planting your cactus use a well drained soil mixture designed specifically for cacti. Plant the cutting about 2 inches deep and pack the soil around the cactus.  I also use small rocks to help keep the cuttings from falling over.  Wait about 2 weeks to water; then soak the cactus well and let it dry out another 2 weeks.   The biggest problem for growing cactus is over-watering.   Too much water causes the roots to rot.

cactus growing

Prickly Pear cactus cutting

The photo above is a prickly pear cutting that I planted in well draining soil in southern Arizona.  I’m starting a cacti garden on a rocky hill using different species of cactus cuttings.

Cactus are dormant during winter.  Do not water a cactus during cold weather unless it looks shriveled.


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    • Congrats Michelle because your cactus is very healthy. Yes it sounds like a flower bud. It is that time of year. Many cacti will bloom so without a photo, I can’t say for sure it is a prickly pear. Flowers on cactus do not last long so grab a photo if you can. Enjoy!


  1. Wez had a Cat-tus plant..all spikey..I put my nose on it..OUCH 😦 I wants to grow those bird od paradise ones 🙂 xx00xx Pe=es Hopes ya doing OK ….xxx


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