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November 9th is British Pudding Day!

When I found that out, I was so happy to have another excuse to do some baking!


The national day takes place in November every year, to remind people of the great British pudding, and provide an extra opportunity to indulge in it. (For other British Food Days, take a look here)

“A little of what you fancy does you good!”





Eve’s Pudding

I have wanted to try this dessert for ages. It is basically apple (guess  why it’s called “Eve’s” pudding!) which stews under a simple sponge topping. Most of the apples I used are Boskop, which cook down nicely, but an inventory of my freezer revealed pounds and pounds of blueberries and rhubarb! Not sure about a blueberry-apple combination (has anyone tried it?) I stuck with the rhubarb, but all apples would be fine…

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