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Truly Nolen Classic Cars strike again – antique cars you can buy

One of the largest pest control companies in the world, TRULY NOLEN,  was founded in Miami, FL in 1938 by Truly Wheatfield Nolen.

Truly Nolen vintage cars Tucson

1952 Ford, Truly Nolen Classic Cars

Mr. Nolen was known for his complete dedication to his customers; said to be a hard worker; spending 7 days a week at building his business. Truly Wheatfield Nolen passed in 1965 but his legacy lives on through his children and his grandchildren. Truly Wheatfield Nolen’s son, Truly David Nolen, runs the business with the corporate office located in Tucson, AZ.

Antique Cars in Tucson

Parked cars with Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen automobiles

1952 Ford Customliner, Classic car

Truly Nolen America was founded by the son, Truly David Nolen who also started the franchise opportunites.

classic Truly Nolen vehicles

Truly Nolen antique cars in Arizona

photo of classic Nolen cars, 1957 Chevrolet

According to Willie Langdon, garage manager for Truly Nolen in Florida, the car restorations are effected in the shop at the rear of the offices.

parked classic cars Tucson

Classic, vintage autos with Truly Nolen

Nolen vintage cars for sale

Truly Nolen 1957 Ford Fairlaine

classic cars on Tucson streets

Ford Vintage Cars for sale, Tucson Arizona

There are several shops throughout the country that Truly Nolen owns to restore classic automobiles so advertising can be displayed. The main antique car restoration shop is in Tucson, ARIZONA.

Vintage automobiles in Tucson

A mini classic car – Truly Nolen

Classic automobiles Truly Nolen for sale

1957 Nash Metropolitan, vintage car

These cars are all for sale!  You can check the prices for these antique classic cars on the Truly Nolen Website.

Truly Nolen cars autos

1954 Buick Riviera is pictured here

Truly Nolen America and Truly Nolen International are one of the largest family-owned pest-control companies in the world, with some 90-100 service centers and franchises in ten states and more than 41 foreign countries. Not only are the TRULY NOLEN cars extraordinary; but their pest service is to!  We have used them for years and give high recommendations.

Truly Nolen vintage cars

photo of the classic Riviera, Nolen antique cars


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  1. My grandparents had a 54 or 55 Buick. Our neighbors in Cuba had a Nash. Wish we had a 57 Chevy but, instead, we had a 57 Plymouth station wagon.


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