Desert Plants

Sage bushes with Purple Flowers bring life to the desert!

It is difficult to imagine that a flowering plant can thrive in hot desert temperatures; but, these vibrant purple sage bushes love the heat!

Tucson bushes with purple flowers

Purple flowering sage bushes – Texas Ranger Plant

Also known as Texas Ranger Plants, these lavender flowers fill the sage bushes that adorn the streets of the Sonoran Desert.

heat tolerant purple bush tjs gardenowers

Purple Flowering Texas Sage in the desert

Our Texas Ranger Plants, Leucophyllum frutescens, are blooming with butterflies and bees promenading between the purple flowers.

heat tolerant plant with purple flowers

purple sage bush with butterflies

The bees are buzzing noisily as they work their way in and out of the purple blooms.

phoenix purple flowering shrubs bush

purple flowers of the Texas Ranger plant

Texas Sage purple flower blooms

Tucson – Phoenix purple sage heat tolerant bushes shrubs

When it comes to drought and heat tolerant plants, Purple Sage is right at the top of the list.  The hotter it gets in the desert, the happier this flowering shrub is!

texas ranger plant sage Tucson

Purple flowers – Texas Sage Shrub in Arizona

As humidity rises during the start of Arizona’s Monsoon season, the Purple Sage bushes will bloom right before it rains.  The purple flowers are a built in barometer!

bushes with purple flowers in desert Texas

flowering purple sage in Tucson and Phoenix

Texas Purple Sage is one of our favorite xeriscape plants because the purple flowers bloom throughout the Arizona summer.

Purple heat resistant bush desert Arizona

Phoenix and Tucson – Purple Texas Sage flowering shrubs

Growing and caring for Purple Sage is easy if you plant them in full sun.  This purple shrub will rot if given too much water therefore it needs well drained soil.

varieties of sage bush shrubs purple white

Purple Flowering Texas Sage in the desert

This desert bush is native to Mexico and Texas and needs very little maintenance. Texas Sage is incredibly heat resistant and will not be harmed by moderate frost in the winter.

white cloud flowering sage

white flowering shrub bush is White Cloud Texas Sage

The Sage bush variety with white flowers is called White Cloud Texas Sage.  It is exactly like the purple sage but with white blooms.

Texas Cloud Sage with white flowers bush

White Cloud Sage with Red Bird of Paradise Flowering shrubs

Phoenix desert plants purple

large sage bushes with purple flowers

Mexico purple sage flower bush

Purple Texas Ranger Sage Plant

The best time to prune your Texas Sage is in the Spring.  Over pruning your sage bush will reduce the amount of flowers and cause the plant to use more water.


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  1. Can youz eat those ??? Wez have the borin old green sage plants..We put that wiff pork or chicken…Ohhhhhhh Chicken..yum yum 🙂


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