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Protect your yard from rattlesnakes – tips for snake proofing

Safeguarding against Rattlesnakes is not easily done; but protective measures can be completed.  Several of the following steps not only divert venomous but also non-venomous snakes.

deadly snakes in tucson phoenix

dangerous rattlesnake

1)  A rattlesnake proof fence is not cheap but it is one of the best ways to keep snakes out!  If you compare it to the cost of emergency medical bills, a snake proof fence is well worth the investment.

protecting against rattlesnakes

snake proofing using 1/4″ construction wire

The experts recommend your fence be at least 3 feet tall with the bottom section of the fence buried 4 inches or more.  Use no more than 1/4″ x 1/4″ construction cloth or you can choose a smooth, solid material.  Rattlesnakes are not able to climb on smooth surfaces.

More steps to snake proof your yard:

2)  Snakes can’t hide well in a short lawn.  Mow your lawns and fields around your home.

snake repellant sprinkle granules

products to keep snakes away

3)  Remove the debris and piles that Rattlesnakes like to call home, such as: wood piles, trimmings and leaves.  Always be cautious and on the lookout for snakes while you are cleaning the area.

4)  Keep your garbage cans covered.  Pick up fruit off the ground to help control the rodents in your yard.  Birdseed also attracts small critters that rattlesnakes prey on.

rattlesnake proof yard

1/2″ construction cloth lets rattlesnakes in

5)  Block holes and spaces around the foundation, walls, fence, steps, and under your house where snakes could hide.

use to keep garden safe from snakes

1/4″ construction cloth to snake proof yard

6)  Keep the area against your fence clear of anything a rattlesnake may use to crawl over.

Some snakes are beneficial to have around your yard.  Gopher snakes are very protective of their territory and will deter rattlesnakes from staying around.

snake descriptions chart

difference between gopher snake and rattlesnake

Equipped with enzymes to breakdown the poison from snakes, the common KINGSNAKE is immune to viper venom!  Kingsnakes kill and eat copperheads, rattlesnakes, and even coral snakes.

good snakes

Kingsnakes eat rattlesnakes

Stay calm If you do discover a rattlesnake!  Get pets and children indoors immediately.     Rattlesnakes only attack in self-defense. The best way to avoid being bitten is to leave the rattlesnake alone.  Call a professional snake removal service if you are concerned that the rattlesnake may be taking up residence.

call poison help number

National Poison hotline

If you need help with a poisonous bite, call your Poison Center immediately. If the bite victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.


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