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male and female damselflies

Damselflies are healthy insects for your pond


identify black velvety spider in Arizona

Black KUKULANIA arizonica SPIDER

Just let us know if you copy a photo as it encourages our blogging efforts.

On rare occasion, we may have to research and find a picture to help illustrate the point we are trying to make, but we get permission or give credit to the source.

garden plants to feed birds

Birds eat the salvia desert plant seeds

Attaching pictures helps better explain and share information.

common orbweaver spider in the garden

spiders with striped legs and markings on large abdomen

The SONORAN Desert is a passion and we truly enjoy writing about it and sharing free photos.

flowers on cactus Arizona

Cactus Blooms / Flowers

When do cactus bloom? During the 3rd week of June cacti are usually blooming! See the pictures above and below of cactus blooms in a xeriscape garden.

Arizona state cactus flowers

White flower of the Saguaro Cactus in Arizona

white flowers on saguaro cactus arizona

Saguaro Cactus Blossom, Arizona’s state flower

Yearly blooms is implied when using the term ANNUALS, desert annuals are more accurately referred to as ephemerals.

round cactus with pink flower

Old woman cactus, Mammillaria hahniana


Many ephermerals can complete an entire life cycle in a matter of months and some can do it in a matter of weeks! Check out Cactus Category for more information and photos…

cactus bloom / flowers

Organ Pipe Cactus with white flower

The picture below is taken at Saguaro National Park. This Sonoran Desert treasure is a place people visit often.

cacti in Arizona 200 years old

Saguaro National Park with Giant Saguaro Cacti

We enjoy writing about Saguaro National Park and sharing the beauty with you.

desert cactus Cholla

Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus Cacti at Saguaro National Park

Saguaro Cactus in the desert

Saguaro National Park Arizona


What is an American Agave ? Have you ever heard mention of a Century Plant? Agave americana, (American Agave), and Century Plant are one in the same. This plant is Monocarpic which means it dies after flowering.

Agave is not a cactus

Agave americana, CENTURY plant is Monocarpic

Typically it can take 50 or more years for the Century Plant to bloom.  Agave species are not related to cactus but more related to ALOE.  This Century Agave looks very healthy with the bottom dead leaves & branches trimmed down.  The Agave Sap is toxic and can cause a severe rash. It is worth it to have a professional prune your Agave or remove it if necessary.

Agave plant cactus

Century Plant / Agave Cactus


tequila blue agave plant aloe related

farming the blue agave desert plant for tequila

The popular BLUE AGAVE species is the base ingredient for Tequila.  Read more about this in the Agave Categories…

Several years ago, Lantana species – New Gold was singled out of a research trial by Texas A & M University.  New Gold Lantana was selected as superior to other species tested because of its long and profuse bloom period, seedless nature,  compact growth form, and relative cold-hardiness.

drought tolerant lantana for garden

Gold Yellow Lantana does well in pots


Studies revealed that New Gold produced seeds only when planted in combination with other lantana species. This drought tolerant flowering plant has deep green leaves and blooms with bright gold flowers through the warm months. When mature, plants can be 18-24 inches tall by 3 feet wide.  To keep it thriving,  plant New Gold lantana in full sun and reflected heat locations.

yellow and red lantana plants

lantana mounds are lovely and drought tolerant

It works well on streetscapes even in the hottest climates, like here in Southern Arizona. If plants are frost-damaged in the winter, just cut them back in early spring and they should recover quickly. Like other lantanas, New Gold is susceptible to whiteflies, and may require pesticide applications to control infestations.

xeriscape flowering garden plants

Lantana is a low maintenance garden plant

Below is a photo of a gorgeous lantana mound overflowing with New Gold, Purple Trailing, and Yellow lantana in the back.

Yellow Purple Trailing Lantana best desert plants

New Gold Lantana drought tolerant plant

See more free lantana pictures and information in the flowers categories…


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  1. Love your blog- my family recently moved to Anthem from Las Vegas and have the fortune of being selected as the “bird house ” by local quail, doves and the occasional owl. Unfortunately, our nesting pair of doves lost their first squabs a few days ago, and we are very concerned because mama dove refuses to leave the nest- even though her babies have obviously died. Should we gently remove them for her? I keep searching for answers about this- but have come up empty . It’s truly heartbreaking to watch her sit there day after day. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kristi it is sad to hear the squabs didn’t make it. Getting the newborns out of the nest would be best. Try to do it when the adults are not there. Possibly early mornings? Good news is they will most likely use the same nest again. Thank you for the comment and let us know an update!
      Best Regards


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