Oleanders Are Low Maintenance

The plant has a leaf like that of the almond tree, but smaller, and our flower is light pink. Oleander grows well in warm subtropical regions, and thrives here in Arizona. It is widely used in landscapes, in parks, and along roadsides. The Oleander is drought resistant, hardy and easy to […]

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Sunflowers in Bloom!

Sunflowers need full sun and moist, well-drained soil. The breeding of sunflowers has resulted in many varieties. I believe this variety of sunflower is called Sonja. These Sunflowers aren’t very big, but they are still growing so we will see! Are you looking for information about growing and […]

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large stalks with cream white flowers

Quick Yucca Facts

Quick facts:  Yucca is a category of trees and shrubs that are members of the Asparagaceae family. It is an evergreen plant which does not annually shed its leaves. The long, narrow and pointed leaves of the Yucca grow in a cluster along the stem.  Agave and Yucca are similar and […]

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